Fountain Cleaning & Maintenance

How to Clean Your Fountain and Maintain It

To clean your fountain thoroughly these items come in handy and are recommended:

  1. Scrubbing pad
  2. Pressure washer
  3. White vinegar and water
  4. Bleach and water
  5. Fountec algaecide (available at Green Goddess) keeps water continuously clear and helps prevent blue-green, yellow, green and black algae in the water.
  6. Protec products (available at Green Goddess) help to keep your fountain looking like new.  It protects against climate, sun glare and other harsh conditions that can affect the appearance of your fountain.  Protec also cleans calcium and rust build up.  It is an excellent stain remover and is safe for birds, plants, animals and fish.

Your Green Goddess service representative is always available if you should have any questions when cleaning your fountain.

  • Unplug pump
  • Completely drain the fountain
  • Use a stiff brush (not metal) and white vinegar with water to scrub the algae and calcium away.
  • Rinse fountain thoroughly with hose or pressure washer cleaning out all excess debris.
  • Refill fountain with clean water
  • When fountain is filled, plug pump back in
  • Use products mentioned before, Fountec and ProTec and follow instructions on label to help with algae and calcium.