Barbeque Grills, Ovens and Grilling Accessories

Calling all grillmasters. The Green Goddess is here to help create your custom bbq build for your home, which will help you get down to crafting your culinary creations without having to deal with any construction or general contractor headaches. The Green Goddess is so much more than a nursery – we are experienced in creating the perfect outdoor barbeque setting for our customers with a variety of needs. We have a vast selection of barbeque grills, ovens, and grilling accessories, but we also specialize in custom barbeque installation and builds if you have an idea in mind that hasn’t been brought to light yet.

Nothing will bring your friends, family, and neighbors together quite like the perfect grill set up in your backyard – The Green Goddess has the expertise to handle all of your needs and specifications. The perfect barbeque addition and build is sure to be one of the most exciting and useful additions to your home and outdoor setting. Increase the functionality of your landscape without having to worry about the headaches that are sure to come along with the construction of a custom build.

Our team of professional experts are ready to put our knowledge and experience to work for you, no matter the scale of your home improvement project. Is there an element of entertainment missing from your backyard parties and shindigs? Your new custom barbecue will add new life to your get-togethers while increasing the value of your home simultaneously.

Ready for a quote? The Green Goddess has two locations, one in Bell and one in Deer Valley, AZ. We’re here to help you get cooking today!

Please contact us at 602-971-8110 for a consultation. Otherwise, simply stop by our Phoenix plant nursery.