A custom built in BBQ grill enhances your outdoor living spaces. Since 1968, The Green Goddess Nursery in Phoenix has created outdoor cooking and dining areas in Phoenix. Our charcoal barbeques are an affordable upgrade to budgets and yards of all sizes.

We take the time to ensure a successful BBQ setup. Your built in barbecue should reflect unique tastes and needs. Coal BBQs each offer unique and common benefits to other barbeque styles. Our nursery also carries a fully supply of barbeque accessories to make shopping easy.


Fornetto Ovens

Fornetto raises the bar on wood-fired and outdoor cooking with innovative, top quality products designed to make enjoying great food surrounded by family and friends easier, even more creative. The Fornetto Wood Fired Dual Purpose Smoker and Oven, was the first outdoor oven of its kind. It produces authentic pizzas, amazing roast meats, baked breads, pastas and desserts, even smokes an endless variety of foods. This combined oven and smoker has solid cast iron doors, stainless steel oven interiors, a separate fire chamber, and takes just 40 minutes to heat.

Kamado Joe Grill

Kamado Joe’s innovative grill design simplifies air control. Adjustments to top and bottom vents make it easy to add air to increase heat, or limit air to reduce heat. Designed to make the most of smoke, Kamado Joe’s efficient design gives you freedom to impart flavor with just charcoal or with charcoal and wood chips or chunks. Kamado Joe’s game-changing divide & conquer cooking system not only makes it easy to control precise distance from fire, it also allows various combinations for multi-level cooking.

Primo Ceramic Grills

Our fleet of ceramic grills is designed to fit everyone’s outdoor cooking needs. Every Primo grill is made to be a primary outdoor cooker, but any of them can be added to a built-in outdoor kitchen or to complement an existing grill or smoker.