Garden Fountains

Instead of just having a yard, why not turn your outdoor space into a new Zen sanctuary. Outdoor (or even indoor) fountains can be a great addition to your home or workplace, adding soothing, ambient sounds that will help you relax and enjoy your surroundings in a new and enhanced way. The Green Goddess has an amazing selection of garden fountains that will help you craft a new, oasis that you can sit back and enjoy any time you choose.

Come visit The Green Goddess to view our huge inventory of fountains that come in various sizes, shapes, designs, colors, textures, and styles. Are you looking for a seasonal or year-round outdoor fountain? Seasonal fountains are most common and utilize re-circulated water that helps keep the fountain running strong. Seasonal fountains will need to be shut down during the winter in areas and locations that have colder temperatures. If the water freezes, this can cause damage to the fountain and shorten the length of your enjoyment.

Seasonal fountains can be waterfall fountains, which feature cascading water, while pedestal fountains feature tiers of flat, bird bath-style bowls where the water cascades down to the level below. Year-round fountains can run during the winter because they incorporate built-in water heating systems and can either be solar powered (utilizing natural sunlight to heat the water) or electrical, which heat the water via electricity. In warmer months you will not need to plug in your electrical outdoor fountain because the water won’t need to be heated during these times.

Once you install your new outdoor or indoor fountain you will experience a variety of benefits beyond simple aesthetics immediately. Once you hear your fountain doing its good work you will experience a soothing, calming, even mesmerizing feeling. If you’re looking for real serenity, a fountain is a great way to achieve a peaceful atmosphere, instantly enhancing your garden, yard, or even your indoor space. If you live in a more boisterous area of the city or what you consider to be a loud neighborhood, a fountain can help drown out just about any annoying noise you have to deal with. A fountain also makes a fantastic conversation piece whenever you have friends and family over. Speaking of visitors, outdoor fountains have a way of attracting wildlife, so don’t be surprised if your green sanctuary becomes an exquisite bird sanctuary. The Green Goddess provides a variety of fountain shapes, styles, and designs – we’re confident we have the perfect match for your needs. We are here to help you achieve the exact look and feel that you’re looking for in your quest for the perfect green sanctuary. Come take a look at our expansive selection at either of our two selections. We’re dedicated to helping your vision come to life today!