The Green Goddess is here to help bring the vision you have for your ideal outdoor space to reality. All Earthstone containers, tables, benches, tiles, and additional outdoor accessories are crafted from the highest quality, lightweight, reinforced concrete consisting of the perfect combination of steel and fibers. If you’re looking to enhance your indoor space, we have great news! Earthstone containers are good for both interior and exterior gardens, patios, and plantscapes, which will add a beautiful new aesthetic and utility to any space, whether it’s your home or place of business.

Earthstone has been a leading producer of lightweight concrete outdoor accessories and decor since 1986. Earthstone boasts 32 different styles of containers which come in 19 different color selections and either smooth or exposed finishes. Smooth finishes are fairly self-explanatory, while exposed aggregate finishes are classified as any type of aggregate left exposed on the surface of the concrete piece in question. If the word “aggregate” seems a little confusing, this is simply the fancy way of saying pebble, sand, rocks, or stone, which will add texture to the piece in question. Basically, your choice will come down to desiring either a smooth or elegantly-textured finish. The choice is always up to you! No matter what you’re’ looking for, we have the products and services that will ensure your project is wildly successful without breaking your budget.


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