Welcoming 2024: January Gardening Tips for a Thriving Phoenix Landscape

Welcoming 2024: January Gardening Tips for a Thriving Phoenix Landscape

Start the New Year with a Flourishing Garden

As we bid adieu to December and step into January 2024, it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate and prepare our gardens for the year ahead. Here at The Green Goddess Nursery, we’re excited to share some essential tips and plant recommendations to kickstart your gardening journey in the New Year.

Essential January Gardening Tasks in Phoenix

  1. Pruning and Maintenance: Early January is ideal for pruning deciduous trees and shrubs, as well as roses. This will stimulate new growth when the warmer weather arrives.
  2. Planting Bare-Root Trees: It’s the perfect time to plant bare-root fruit trees and roses, which can establish themselves during the cooler months.
  3. Starting Your Veggie Garden: Cool-season vegetables like kale, spinach, and peas can still be planted in January for a bountiful spring harvest.

Protecting Your Garden from Frost

  • Stay Frost Alert: In Phoenix, January nights can still bring frost. Be prepared to cover sensitive plants to protect them from sudden temperature drops.
  • Mulching: Applying a layer of mulch helps protect roots from frost and retains moisture in the soil.

New Year, New Beginnings in the Garden

As we celebrate the New Year, it’s a time of new beginnings. Consider adding a new plant to your collection or starting a garden project you’ve been dreaming about. Let’s make 2024 a year of growth and greenery!

Happy New Year from The Green Goddess Nursery!

We’re grateful for the support of our community throughout the past year and look forward to growing alongside you in 2024. Here’s to a year filled with lush gardens and thriving plants!