Prepping Your Arizona Garden for the Sizzling Summer

Prepping Your Arizona Garden for the Sizzling Summer

As we wave goodbye to the milder spring weather in Arizona, it’s crucial to prepare your garden for the impending heat. This transition period is your last chance to set up your garden for success during the long, hot summer.

Adjust Your Watering Schedule

With the temperature rising, plants will need more water to cope with the heat. It’s essential to adjust your irrigation practices to ensure deep watering, which promotes strong root development and helps plants withstand the heat better.

Mulching and Sun Protection

Apply a generous layer of mulch around your plants to help retain soil moisture and keep roots cool. This can be crucial in reducing water usage and protecting plants from the scorching sun. For particularly sensitive plants, consider using shade cloths or sunscreens to prevent sunburn.


Tackle weeds early in the season as they compete with your plants for much-needed water. Using pre-emergent herbicides can be effective in preventing new weed growth, ensuring your plants get all the nutrients and water they need.

Fertilizing for

Early summer is a good time to give your garden a boost with fertilizers, especially those tailored for heat tolerance. This helps strengthen plants before the peak heat arrives, ensuring they are robust enough to thrive.

Planting Heat-Tolerant Varieties

If you’re adding new plants to your garden, opt for species that are known for their heat tolerance. Plants like cosmos, echinacea, and lantana not only add vibrant color and life to your garden but also withstand the harsh conditions of an Arizona summer.

Create Shaded Spaces for Sensitive Plants

As the Arizona sun intensifies, some plants may benefit from partial shade during the hottest parts of the day. Consider installing temporary shade solutions like shade cloth or using taller plants and trees to provide natural shade. This can help prevent heat stress and sunburn, especially for young or sensitive plants, ensuring they continue to grow and thrive throughout the summer.

Taking these steps now can significantly impact how well your garden navigates the challenging summer months. With the right preparation, you can enjoy a vibrant, thriving garden all summer long.