Best Winter Plants for Phoenix

Best Winter Plants for Phoenix

Winter flowers in Phoenix increase the beauty of your yard in an easy and affordable way. While our desert climate features year-round sunshine and a warm climate; the Phoenix area can have occasional frost, cooler temps and gray skies during the winter months.

This weather change affects the types of garden plants and flowers you may choose. Thankfully, chillier weather opens up many options to increase the biodiversity and color of your garden with lovely yet hardy semi-annual flowers.

Here are some choices for the best fall & winter plants for Phoenix. Please contact us to learn more!


Geraniums are a great flowering plant offering many different colors and scents to beautify any area of your home. They grow well as both bedding plants and in a pot; and if placed in the proper location with adequate sun, are spectacular house plants.

Green Goddess has a wide selection of Geraniums as our highly trained staff can answer any questions. When planting in the ground, use organic compounds, peat, compost, etc. and rotate soil with these various products and plant no deeper than the container.

Geraniums are relatively insect free. They like lots of sun during the winter months. We recommend watering lightly, keeping the soil moist.


Petunias are an ideal fall and winter plant. Our center has many varieties of this plant that grows best in cool weather with flowers coming in small blooms or large ones. Petunias’ spectacular variety of colors are a feast for any area of your house.

They prefer full sun, keeping the soil moist. Planting with fertilizer should keep your Petunias showing off their red, pink, yellow, purple or white flowers all winter.

Stock Plants:

If you are looking for a flower with a great aroma and a plant that can grow up to 2 ½ feet tall, Stock Plants are a beautiful addition to the outside of your home.

Stock Plants are an easy to grow annual that likes full sun, but a little shade is ok. Plant with fertilizer and keep soil lightly dry to moist.

This plant is a delight with its sweet fragrance and colorful abundance of spectacular flowers.

With over 50 species; lilac, white, purple yellow or red flowers with green leaves, Stock Plants are ideal for cooler weather.

Snap Dragon:

Snap Dragons got their name because when the flowers are pressed on their sides they look like opening mouths. Honeybees are too light to pollinate the flowers when snapped shut, so only the heavier bumble bee can provide the pressure to pollinate this beautiful plant.

The flowers grow from the bottom up and are very colorful in any garden, but beware, Snap Dragons are poisonous if eaten!

This plant is called Tender Perennial and requires full sun to partial shade. During cooler months keep your Snap Dragons lightly watered in the summer, well watered.

Snap Dragons do grow better in cooler months and are easy to plant and maintain with proper care.

See your Green Goddess specialist or visit our website for any questions.

Cyclamen Plant:

Cyclamen is a hardy plant that loves cooler conditions and adds an abundance of color to dull areas around your home.

Cyclamen is a fantastic flowering plant for those dry or shady areas and grow nicely next to trees or shrubs. Whether adorning a walkway, entrance or any outdoor living area, Cyclamen is a versatile plant that also brings life to any pot.

This plant likes almost any soil and requires an area that drains well. This plant does not like over watering and keeping soil moist is all that is needed.

For beautiful flowers year after year, fertilize your plants once every 1-2 months with water soluble fertilizer. Cyclamen is easy to plant and available at your Green Goddess Garden Center.