5 Benefits Ceramic Containers Provide Your Houseplants

5 Benefits Ceramic Containers Provide Your Houseplants

As a plant enthusiast, you might be wondering what the best home for your indoor or outdoor plant might be. If you go to your local plant and gardening supply store you will likely see plant containers made of plastic, metal, or even specialized containers like ​​hydrojardineras.

You’ll find plant containers in a variety of sizes and styles, but today The Green Goddess would like to focus on ceramic plant containers and the many benefits they bring. Read on for a few reasons why ceramic containers might be the best choice when it comes to aesthetics, functionality, and ensuring the overall health and wellness of your plants.

1.) A Variety of Shapes, Sizes, and Designs to Choose From

If you go with a plastic container for your plant you will only be able to choose from a few shapes and sizes. Most plastic containers look the same and provide very little aesthetic value and character as far as decoration is concerned.

Ceramic containers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and even textures. Instead of housing all of your plants in cheap plastic containers, you can show your plant a little more love by placing your plant in a ceramic container. Ceramic containers come in all sizes and feature far more curvature than plastic containers.

2.) Ceramic Containers Are Durable

Plastic containers will often break if their structural integrity is tested in any sort of way. You can even knock over your plant if you’re walking around your house or yard haphazardly if it lives in a plastic container. In contrast, ceramic containers are heavier and more durable.

If you have a top-heavy plant, a plastic container can easily fall over, since plastic is very lightweight. Ceramic containers can better support top-heavy plants because they are heavier and made of a little more substance. The right ceramic container will be able to support any type of plant you’re growing.

3.) Advanced Moisture and Airflow

Many ceramic planters available at your local plant and gardening shops are porous, which means air and moisture can get through the container. Even if the ceramic container is glazed, it will end up providing a beneficial place to grow with air and humidity flowing through as necessary. Ceramic pots are better at facilitating essential plant nutrients, allowing them to course through the plant as well as its roots. Ceramic containers also trap moisture and fertilizer (if applicable) in the soil, which provides a far more healthy environment for your plant to grow than is provided by plastic or metal containers.

4.) Advanced Temperature Maintenance

Ceramic containers are an eco-friendly option, more so than plastic containers. Most ceramic pots have thicker walls than plastic or metal containers that help shield your plants from drastic and sudden temperature shifts. 

For instance, during the hot days of summer, a ceramic pot will help protect your plants from excess heat absorption. Ceramic containers also help trap moisture within the plant’s soil on those intensely hot days. As a result, ceramic pots make plant maintenance hassle-free.

5.) Indoor and Outdoor Use

Ceramic containers can be used indoors and outdoors. Most ceramic containers available from plant and gardening sources are waterproof, which means they will not leak all over your house. You can even take extra measures and treat the container with an acrylic sealant to ensure your container is leak-proof.

If you have any questions about ceramic pots or any other type of plant container available on the market, contact The Green Goddess today to learn more. We have the most extensive selection of plant containers available in Phoenix, AZ.