Grab this Halloween deal before it disappears!

Grab this Halloween deal before it disappears!

Halloween is just a few weeks away!  The weather is finally starting to cool down and the kids are getting excited about the upcoming holiday.

Green Goddess has a large selection of ceramic pumpkins.  These decorative and festive ceramic pots are guaranteed to brighten up any area in the house or garden.



How to Make a flower bed

Building a flower bed is not as difficult as it sounds, but does require some planning.

First, find the best location in your yard.  Look for an area where the sun is the strength you are seeking.  Be aware of nearby structures and determine if they are going to an obstruction.  Find a plot of land that best suits the area for your flower bed and what you are trying to achieve.

Mark off the area for your flower bed with a length of hose, use white flour to mark off the area, layout string or paint. 

  • Remove all grass and weeds
  • Dig out area and then smooth it out with a shovel. Dig down about 4” or 5”
  • Make sure you clear out excess debris and loosen the soil
  • It might be necessary to use something to kill existing vegetation
  • Work soil around when moist and add ingredients that give nutrition to the soil
  • Choose your plants carefully taking into account the amount of sun the garden will receive.

Your Green Goddess specialist can help you choose the best flowers for your flower bed, as well as laying the area out.

Happy Halloween to all our loyal customers.  Keep an eye out for our “Thanksgiving Specials” coming soon.

Green Goddess Gardening 101

  • Great time to plant leafy vegetables and root vegetables
  • With our weather cooling, you can reduce watering by one third
  • If you reseed, now is the time for that winter lawn
  • Flower planting in October is ideal. If you are planning to build that flower bed, October is the time!