Cooler Weather has Changes for Plants

Cooler Weather has Changes for Plants

I know it does not seem like cooler weather will ever get here, but it is on it way.  Now is the time to start to decrease the amount of water you give your indoor and outdoor plants.

 Plants are going into a slow down mode for their growth and will not need as much water as they required during the summer months.

 When the evening stay in the low 80’s and high 70’s we need to cut the watering at least in half . You will notice that the plants will stay wetter longer with each watering, this is the sign that you need to decrease the amount you are giving each plant. You will need to be careful not to let your plants dry out completely, so keep an eye on them until yo have the watering down. Your goal is to have your plants looking about the same year around.

 Also, we should stop all fertilizing that was being done during the summer months.  The plants are not going to have any growth spurts in the winter months.  No fertilizing will be needed until next April or May.

 Remember always keep your plants clean and trimmed all year long.


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