The Green Goddess is Open and Here For Our Community!

The Green Goddess is Open and Here For Our Community!


The Green Goddess nursery will continue to stay open to our community. During these difficult times it is important to stay busy and positive, and surrounding yourself with beautiful plants, trees, and vegetation can really enhance your health, happiness and peace of mind.

Actively spending time out side in the fresh air can be a great stress reliever. Whether you enjoy vegetable and herb gardening or decorating your house with beautiful houseplants, hobbies like this can make us feel more grounded.

With the idea of spending more time at home, caring for a plants and gardens can be emotionally rewarding for all generations.

As long as it is safe to do so, we will be here with our doors open, following the recommended health and safety guidelines provided by the CDC.

Other steps we are taking to ensure the safety of customers:

  1. We continue to listen to the guidance from the CDC and local health authorities.
  2. We will encourage customers to pay by credit card to further reduce customers’ touch points.
  3. We are looking at how we can immediately expand our delivery services, and online and telephone orders for our customers.
  4. We are asking both our associates and customers to practice the recommended 6 ft. of social distancing.
  5. We have instructed staff not to come to work if they or someone in their household is sick.


During this time finding things to do can be challenging, especially when you have kids. Here are a few fun ideas to that work great for all size families!

Plant a vegetable garden. Grow the veggies you love the most. Contact The Green Goddess for a ideas on the perfect vegetables to grow this time of year. Suggestions: Winter Squash, Carrots, Beans & Celery.

Fun coloring books. Here are a few great botanical coloring books for the kids! Sit outside and enjoy the fresh air.
Coloring Book 1 | Coloring Book 2 | Coloring Book 3 | Coloring Book 4 | Coloring Book 5

Flower Gardens. Plan to grow flowers that make you happy. Suggestions: Nasturtiums, Poppies, Petunias & Blue Plumbago.

Walking & Hiking. Take a walk or hike in a nearby natural area. Look closely at leaves, cactus, and flowers. Notice the number of plants that grow in the desert.

Fun with indoor plants. Create a new indoor display of plants. Plants can bring so much energy and life to your house, why not put them everywhere? Pick a small area of your house that can use a little extra color, and create a plant display.