Desert Landscaping

Desert Landscaping

Living in a desert area can present many problems when choosing plants, trees or any foliage to decorate the exterior of your home or business. A beautiful alternative to conventional grass and plants is desert landscaping.

Most people used to think desert landscape as a boring assortment of sand and rocks. This is not true anymore! Desert landscapes dot our community with a wide assortment of creative designs that are not only appealing to look at but very easy to maintain.

At Green Goddess Nursery we offer start to finish desert landscape design and will help you create a beautiful desert picture that will enhance the beauty of your business or area around your home. Our design consultants will advise you on the best way to proceed with this project from irrigation to plants and help you create the desert landscape of your dreams. When designing a desert landscape a few things should be kept in mind.

Don’t overwhelm the area you are working in. The scale of your rocks, cacti, plants or pots should be similar and work smoothly with your area. They should all complement each other.

Color is the key to any desert landscape. With the huge assortment of decorating rocks and stones, pots, fountains, blooming cacti and desert friendly flowering plants Green Goddess’ Nursery has the selection you need to create a spectacular desert scape.

Your choices are endless.   There are warm yellow and red low succulents like ice plants or aloe or feel free to browse through our huge selection of cacti. The Golden Barrel cactus blooms with large flowers in a majestic golden yellow, the Prickly Pear cactus which is a local’s favorite and is the cactus most people in the world think of when referring to cacti. For the larger areas the Cardon Grande Cactus grows multiple arms and has large white flowers when in bloom. If you want to add color with our desert friendly flowering plants to certain areas of your desert scape it is easy to install a drip system that uses little water and is easy to maintain.

We guarantee to help create a desert landscape that will flow with a beauty and serenity that will make you smile every time you see it. Let us show you how to create an “all rock river” or we can install one for you!

Desert scapes are sturdy additions to any area and are virtually indestructible. With a mixture of colorful rocks, stones, pebbles, concrete and sand along with hearty plants and decorative pots, our design department is sure to blend your ideas into a scenic wonderland.

Green Goddess has over 3 acres of plants, pots, foliage, trees along with fountains, patio accessories and barbeques. Our “all too friendly” staff is eager to assist you in any of your gardening needs.

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