Plants To Enjoy During The Fall Season

Plants To Enjoy During The Fall Season

One of the enjoyable aspects of the great state of Arizona is that during the fall season we experience milder temperatures than much of the United States, which gives us a unique opportunity to plant and enjoy the fruits of our labor during the fall and winter season.

Below, we go over a few flowers that you can plant during the fall and winter months in this particular region, which will help you keep your garden beds fresh and pleasing to the eye.

Petunias can be planted from the months of September to December and thrive in temperatures around 60-75 degrees. They’ll need lots of light, but we have plenty of that in Arizona.

Petunias come in many varieties and come in all colors, generally surrounded by darker shades of foliage. Petunias have a fantastic aesthetic as well – their bulbs are shaped like funnels, almost like those old-style record players with gramophones.

While lavender is generally planted in late spring, early fall is also an acceptable time to plant and grow lavender. As long as you give your lavender plenty of time to root out before the autumnal months.

Lavender will be a colorful addition to any garden and also proves to be useful for those looking to make lavender-infused goods and creations. Lavender is also a popular essential oil with a variety of therapeutic benefits.

Geraniums are classified as perennials, but many growers consider geraniums as annuals. Geraniums come in many varieties and most will be round in shape and have five-petaled flowers. Geraniums will likely grow to anywhere from 1-2 feet tall and often bloom in shades of purple, pink, white, or mauve. 

You can comfortably plant your geraniums from September all the way up to late winter in Arizona. These plants love the sun and need around 5-6 hours of sun exposure each day. 

Snapdragons are flowers that thrive during the cool season. They also do well in drier weather, so they make an excellent fit for growers and plant enthusiasts living in Arizona. 

Aesthetically, snapdragons are shaped like snouts, which perhaps gave them their namesake. Snapdragons are generally brightly colored and can grow quite tall, making a perfect addition to any garden or home.

Succulents are great plants to grow in Arizona. Even though temperatures start to cool during the fall season, many succulents tend to thrive in these sorts of temperatures, making them suitable for planting in the fall or pretty much any time of year for that matter.

If you have any questions about how to set up your garden and your plant babies for success, contact The Green Goddess today. Or, better yet, come and visit us at our Bell location. We look forward to helping bring all of your plant aspirations to life.