Get ready for Labor Day weekend

Get ready for Labor Day weekend

Celebrate your hard work with delicious seasonings from The Green Goddess!

At Green Goddess we have a large selection of barbecue accessories which include an assortment of seasonings for any kind of barbecuing. Whether you are grilling a tasty burger, have a chicken on the rotisserie or delicious shish kabobs, we have a very large variety of flavors for your personal taste!


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Picking a pot/container at The Green Goddess

We have 3 primary categories to start your shopping experience.


They are easy to obtain and inexpensive.  Most plants are sold in plastic.  These are great for planting seeds, are light weight and come in a large variety of colors, sizes and shapes.  However, they can become brittle or fade in the sun.

Clay/Terra Cotta

These pots tend to dry out very quickly.  They are good for plants that hate sitting in water, like succulents.  They are less money than ceramic and can soak up water, so it’s easy to see current water level.

Terra Cotta’s are delicate and will usually shatter when dropped.  Since they do dry out quickly, keep an eye on new plants.


These pots are beautiful with a large assortment of shapes and colors.  They can be heavy, but nice for small plants and succulents.  Tropical plants look great in these pots.  They have the ability to keep soil moist.  These sturdy and attractive pots are a great addition to any home.  These pots are the most expensive and can be extremely heavy.

Choosing the right planter or pot is very important to the development of your plants.

Drainage is very important for your plant’s health.  Ideally, a hole in the bottom of a container is good, even if you have to drill one yourself.

Choose a pot that is the same size or comparable to your plant.  If you select one that is too large the plant can sit in water.  If too small, the plant can become root bound.

Your Green Goddess specialist is always available to help you choose just the right size pot or planter.

The Green Goddess Gardening 101:

  • Allow Bermuda grass to grow 2 ½ – 3 inches and water approximately 1” per week
  • Melons do well when planted during August
  • Desert plants can still be planted during August, but they will need daily watering until the fall as they become established.
  • Begin planting seeds for vegetables, including broccoli, cabbage, kale, green onions and summer squash.