Getting your garden ready for spring!

Getting your garden ready for spring!

Spring in the Phoenix area is not the same as spring in different parts of the country. Here are a few tips to guarantee your garden flourishes through spring and summer months.

With any frost behind us now is a good time to plant seeds. Choose warm weather to plant in spring so your crop can handle the summer heat.

When starting your garden in spring:

  • For vegetables find areas with 6-8 hours of sunlight
  • Location – location – location; applies to any garden. Check which areas are sunny or shady and plant accordingly.
  • Make sure soil is softened and use compost
  • Water – vegetables should be watered to one (1) foot deep
  • Plant summer flowers. Your Green Goddess specialist can help you choose beautiful flowering plants for the summer
  • Remove the dead flowers and leaves off plants so new life can grow

Bar-b-que season:

With spring weather the time to bar-b-que is upon us. We carry top line grills such as Primo and Kamado Joe; and our selection of grilling accessories is the best in the desert. We offer thermometers to bar-b-que rack cleaners, serving platters, grill gloves, smoker box and most any other tools you need to make your grilling fun. We also carry a large selection of spices such as:

  • Bad Byrons Butt Rub
  • Dizzy Pig Rub
  • Bad Byrons Jubilee
  • Big BOB Gibson BBQ and Sauces
  • Geaux Jus
  • John Henry BBQ sauce
  • John Henry Seasoning
  • Rising Hy Spices and Seasoning
There are also spice applicators, wood chips and charcoal. We can satisfy all your grilling needs.
We carry the largest container selection than any other nursery. Many styles, colors and shapes to help decorate any area of your home or property. Our decorative plants with fun bright colors can brighten up any space. Visit our website and view some of our spectacular container collections.
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