Happy Halloween from The Green Goddess!

Happy Halloween from The Green Goddess!

What are your plans for Halloween? Did you decorate around the house and in the yard? Did you go to extra lengths to terrify your neighbors?

FUN FACT! In Arizona, pumpkins grow aplenty on many family farms  — not sure if you knew this fact. The 2017 Census of Agriculture conveyed that 241 acres grew pumpkins in The Grand Canyon State from 114 farms. Nationally, Illinois is the number one pumpkin grower with over 17,000 acres. Touché, Illinois. Touché.

Maybe this year you can start your own pumpkin patch — that’d be an amazing way to one-up everyone in the neighborhood who will be spending their future Halloweens carving pumpkins in the kitchen.

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Tips for Making Your House a Halloween Must-See 

Many individuals take it upon themselves to go all out for Halloween. Even though the news headlines often strike a deeper fear in our hearts, Halloween is a fantastically fun time of year where everyone gets together to creep each other out a little bit. This year Halloween is very welcome.

You might be wondering how to make your house and yard look amazing with clever and well-crafted Halloween decorations. Below, The Green Goddess goes over a few ways to add some serious fear factor to your front yard in particular.

Weathered and Rusty Look

Whenever we watch scary movies they usually happen at an old and weathered house. You very rarely catch a horror movie that takes place at a home that looks like it was on that show MTV Cribs.

So, with this in mind, look for distressed wood, rusty gates, and old, faded signs and historical markers to decorate your front yard and home with. Looking around at junk yards and garage sales is a good way to pull off the Halloween look without having to pay extra. However, if you’re in a pinch for time, you’ll likely have to spend a little dough to get weathered-looking lawn accessories that will help you pull off a horrific look.

The Human Anatomy

One of the Halloween decor mainstays is obviously the skeleton, but you will also find other parts of the human body playfully on display — femurs, hands, and rubber feet are all fair game and make creative additions to any indoor or outdoor plantscape. You can even make a hand look like it’s coming out of your potted plant — just make sure not to do damage to your plant’s roots. Instead of digging in, add fresh new soil to help you anchor the rubber hand.

You can also make larger than life bloodshot eyeballs out of those bouncy balls we all used to play with as a kid, or even exercise balls if you want to go big.

Take sandpaper to the surface of the ball so that white spray paint will take to the material easier. Apply spray paint to make the balls white (this will take a few coats). Next, trace the outside of a circular bowl to outline the eye. Fill in the circle with black paint to make the eye pupil. Create the iris by painting blue, green, or brown paint around the black circle.

Now, paint red squiggly lines to give these eyeballs a bloodshot effect. Once the eyeballs have completely dried, apply a clear spray sealant to finish the job.

Make a dozen or so of these and scatter them about your front and back yard. You can position these to where they make your bushes look like they’re watching you. Creepy!

Finishing the Ambience

Spooky music on repeat and DIY hanging papier-mâché green and orange lights will help create a positively sinister vibe that townspeople will travel miles to see. Be ready to be the talk of the town this Halloween.

If you need any additional advice about creating your very own horrorscape in the front or back yard, The Green Goddess is here to help. We can also help you create the indoor and outdoor plantscapes of your dreams (or nightmares — depending on the season).

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The Green Goddess wishes you a safe and festive Halloween this year.