The Green Goddess – In the News! Aug 07, 2017

The Green Goddess – In the News! Aug 07, 2017

20 Cities in 20 Days: Paradise Valley’s business secrets


Paradise Valley is best known for its expensive fancy homes and celebrities who live there but it also has a lot of rich history that dates back before that became the city’s reputation.

“We manufacture pots, we import pots, we ship to the whole U.S., Canada, all over,” says Andre Lugo, owner of The Green Goddess

If you’ve traveled along Bell Road and 41st Street you’ve passed right by The Green Goddess.

“People think of it as just a garden center and it really is not just a garden center,” says Lugo. “We do some growing of the cactus we sell here.”

The bottom line is they do a little bit of every thing. You can buy stuff for your yard, they offer landscaping services and they even rescue birds.

I spoke with Lugo, who started the company, right in front of the original fireplace. The Green Goddess was originally a house before it became what it is today.

“[It was] built in ’47, built by Frank Lloyd Wright,” says Lugo. “I bought it in 1990 and converted it into a nursery in 1992.”

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