Great 4th of July Savings at The Green Goddess

Great 4th of July Savings at The Green Goddess

The Green Goddess wishes you a Happy 4th of July

For the Month of July receive 20% off a plant of your choice.

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Care for your firecracker plant/bush is relatively easy. Once these plants mature, they are drought tolerant.
  1. They require a lot of light to bloom
  2. Water thoroughly. Let the top soil dry out between watering
  3. Prune the dead or dying canes (foliage) in the spring before the plant begins to bloom
  4. Cut plants to ground level and make sure shrubs don’t get overcrowded
  5. The firecracker fern is also called coral fountain plant and has the look of a fountain of green with a beautiful flowing look
  6. The firecracker plant is small, but has a big impact on any garden. It attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. They are perennials and bloom year round with red tubular flowers.
  7. The firecracker bush is also known as a weeping sub shrub; and as stated before the amazing cascading fiery red blooms make this shrubbery unique.
  8. There is no evidence that any part of this plant is poisonous; therefore it is safe for your children or fury friends.

If you’re looking for something to spruce up your landscape, “The Firecracker Bush” is an explosive addition, and looks fantastic in a hanging basket.


  • Irrigation, irrigation, irrigation This is the month to monitor the water that your plants are getting
  • Vegetables can be grown all year long in the Phoenix area. Many vegetables love the hot summer sun
  • Check all your plants on a regular basis to see if they get enough water. It is good to check the drippers every 2 weeks to make sure they are not clogged.  Deep water your trees (irrigation is great!)
  • Check your drip watering system. Verify the ground humidity around all plants.  Check your drippers every other day, as they may pop out now that the heat is making the hoses softer.

Have a nice 4th of July Holiday.  We are open! Come by and see us.