Giving Plants As Gifts For The Holiday Season

Giving Plants As Gifts For The Holiday Season

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During the holiday season, many of us have that one friend or family member who might be a little harder to shop for than others. When racking your brain for ideas for gifts to give this holiday season, plants can make a wonderful (and original) gift.

However, it’s important to take into consideration the person who you will be giving a plant to as a gift. For instance, if you are thinking about purchasing a plant to give as a gift to a busy working professional, you might want to choose something that is a little more low-maintenance than if you were choosing a plant for someone who is of retirement age.

Below, The Green Goddess goes over a variety of plants that will make great gifts for friends, family members, and loved ones.


Herbs make a great gift, especially for those who like spending time in the kitchen whipping up culinary creations.

Popular herbs include Rosemary, oregano, mint, thyme, sage, parsley and dill.

All of these herbs can be incorporated into tasty dishes – and you will be giving the gift of fresh ingredients, which will surely go over well in any gift-giving scenario.

Many herbs have specific cold temperature tolerances, which makes Arizona a great candidate for giving plants as gifts since we enjoy milder fall and winter seasons than many regions of the United States.


Succulents make amazing houseplants and Arizona is a wonderful home to these types of plants due to our sunny and mild conditions. 

Succulents make the perfect gift for the individual living that on-the-go lifestyle we were talking about previously. Succulents grow easily indoors and outdoors and require minimal watering. 

Many succulents have oval or rosette-shaped leaves. All succulents have the ability to bloom flowers but it’s the conditions that they are grown in that ultimately determine if a succulent will grow flowers or not.

Perhaps best of all, succulents are super easy to propagate, so you could end up giving succulents as a gift that keeps on giving.


Ferns are often a great choice for gifting due to the fact that they are easy to grow and require a minimal amount of care. However, ferns do require consistent watering but it’s important to make sure not to over-water this plant. 

Ferns are beautiful aesthetically and play well with other plants when growing in close proximity. You can give a fern as a gift either in a stationary pot or a hanging pot for outdoor placement.

You could also make a holiday wreath out of ferns! Check out this blog on how to do it: DIY Fern Wreath

What Accessories To Include When Gifting Plants

If you’re considering giving plants as a gift this holiday season, it’s important to set the gift recipient up for success as much as possible.

If you’re planning on buying seeds for the person to plant themselves, consider purchasing a grow kit that will help move things along and ensure the planting is successful.

If purchasing a growing plant, taking a little extra time to repot the plant in a decorative ceramic pot makes a thoughtful gesture.

Make sure to include instructions for care that give all the specifics for the type of plant you are giving as a gift.

Adding bows, ribbons and aesthetically pleasing decor can tailor your plant gift to ANY holiday or occasion! Check out this blog for some great tips!

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If you need any assistance in your gift purchasing journey, The Green Goddess can help. We have a wide selection of plants and we’re confident we have the perfect gift waiting for you.

Contact The Green Goddess today or come by our Bell or Deer Valley locations for expert service, quality plants and accessories, and the widest selection in the area. We wish you and yours a happy holiday season!