How to Throw the Perfect Garden Party

How to Throw the Perfect Garden Party

Generally speaking, when we think of garden parties, we tend to think of either formal or informal events thrown in the afternoon and early evening, usually located in some form of private garden. 

Throwing a good garden party entails more than a few moving parts. Not only do you have to have a lush, eye-pleasing garden for the venue, but you also have to throw the actual party. Below, The Green Goddess goes over a few tips that will help you throw the perfect garden party.

Stay on Top of Your Garden and Yard Work

Staying on top of gardening and yard work will help ensure that you don’t have a long list of to-dos in anticipation of your party. If you let those weeds and that yard debris go for a while, you might end up having an entire weekend of work to do – before you even start to plan the party itself.

Get the weeds under control and check the health of all the plant life in your yard and garden. Check for any plant diseases as well as pests. If you have bugs like aphids, gnats, or whiteflies, try to use an appropriate method to get them under control and out of your hair.

Clean up any debris in your garden and yard. Also, make sure to get rid of anything that isn’t needed in your garden and/or yard that might be taking up unnecessary space. Focus on getting rid of anything that might be considered unpleasant to the eye – you don’t want the limelight going to anything that isn’t you and your lavish garden party.

Make the Area Comfortable and Accessible

You can make your garden area more comfortable for your guests in a variety of ways. First, provide plenty of shaded areas, especially if you are throwing your party during the daytime. If throwing your party in the evening, be sure that there is plenty of lighting so your guests can always have proper direction and footing.

If you have an area in mind where you’d like your guests to gather and visit, plan accordingly. Make sure that your layout guides people where you want them to be. 

If your local climate calls for it, include a few heating lamps at the ready in case the temperature cools.

Food, Beverages, and Games

Once your guests have arrived, it’s important to keep them occupied. Prepare plenty of appetizers and keep your beverage station well-stocked for your guests. Make sure to provide options for those with dietary restrictions. Provide both non-alcoholic beverages and adult beverages so everyone can enjoy themselves.

Next, it’s time to plan the games. Plenty of activities, whether it’s board games, frisbee, or bean bag toss will ensure your guests are entertained and occupied. When you take the extra measure to provide festivities at your garden party, your guests will have a most memorable time.

Crafting an Ambience

Music is key to any gathering and the same goes true for garden parties. If you have a decent sound system, make sure that your sound levels are in accordance and agreement with city ordinances.

Choose music that will drive the mood of your garden party. You can mix it up between contemporary music, the classics, high-energy music, as well as easy listening to cultivate an eclectic feel.

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