How to transplant a cactus – Repot Your Cactus Without Pain

How to transplant a cactus – Repot Your Cactus Without Pain

Whether moving it to a different location or purchasing a cactus from Green Goddess’s large selection of different cacti, here are some suggestions when transplanting a cactus.

  1. One of the first rules is safety; considering the many sharp spines a cactus has, always wear gloves. Safety goggles are not a bad idea either.
  2. Unless you are experienced and have access to heavy equipment, leave any cacti over 6 feet tall to the professionals, since they can easily weigh over 200 pounds.
  3. The majority of smaller cacti can be easily removed from the ground because of their shallow roots. They can be placed in a box for transportation or relocation. Before doing this, notice what direction the sun is so you can place your plant in a similar spot.
  4. Larger cacti, like the Columnar species have much larger roots. Since this is what secures them and keeps them from falling over, they may need a little support until the roots take hold. Once again; when dealing with large cacti, getting help is the best way. Professionals know how to control a fall from these large plants and make sure it is always away from the digger should it fall.
  5. Barrel cactus for example are easily dug up. Even small damage to the roots does not harm this plant. When replanting, dig a hole approximately the same dimensions as the one it came from. Never plant deeper than it was for this can be harmful to the cacti. Plant your cacti in native soil. It is not necessary to buy special soil or treated soil. Water moderately the first day and then in small amounts the following week until the cacti’s roots take hold of its new environment.

The best time to move cacti is in warmer weather. Cactus mitts are a helpful tool when dealing with cacti. It is amazing how well these unorthodox looking mitts work and protect you when dealing with the spines of cacti.

When moving or purchasing a cacti, vehicle consideration is important. Supporting your new plant properly will prevent a taller cacti from breaking.

Taller cacti may need some support for a period of time. Make sure the hole is similar to the one your cacti came from. Remember breaking up the soil where you plant your cacti allows the roots to expand and helps with water infiltration, so the plant can secure itself in a short period of time.

When purchasing a cacti from Green Goddess, our experienced and knowledgeable staff will go through all the particulars of planting your cacti. For larger cacti purchases such as the beautiful and majestic Saguaro cactus, allow us to deliver and make sure this spectacular cactus is planted properly and professionally.

When in need of new cactus’ or informational support of existing plants, call Green Goddess today!