It’s Coming to the Poinsettias Time of Year

It’s Coming to the Poinsettias Time of Year


The Holidays are fast approaching and that means that it is POINSETTIAS  galore! We just thought that you might like some advice on how to care for these finicky plants. Now for us, Arizonians, poinsettias can not be outside for very long due to the heat of the day, but in many other states they can be outside (as long as it is not freezing).

What Poinsettias like:

  • High light areas
  • let dry approx 2/3 of the way down before watering

What Poinsettias dislike:

  • too dry- sheds yellow leaves
  • too wet- sheds green leaves
  • too cold
  • low light

Words of wisdom to prolong the bloom…keep them a little drier and those beautiful reds, pinks and whites will stay longer.

They are such a festive plants and can make any home feel like the Holidays are here. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Fabulous December Holiday.

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~’Til next time…keep growing