It’s Getting Sorta Sticky

It’s Getting Sorta Sticky

Care and Watering of Inside Cacti and Succulents

All types of cacti need bright sun light. Usually (here in Arizona) that means the windows facing South are the “Bright” light windows. So you would want to put your cacti or succulents near that window or near a window that get very bright light . They are much happier then.

You can tell the difference between a cactus and a euphorbia or succulent by checking the sap. If the sap runs clear it is a true CACTUS, if the sap is milky or whitish then it is a Euphorbia or Succulent.

An interior cacti or succulent  may only need to be watered one time a month (depending on location and situation), because plants  that are in pots retain moisture longer, when they are inside. This particular type of plant you do not want to have standing in wet soil. Always water the plant thoroughly when it is needed and always let this type of plant dry out completely before watering. During the winter months you should only water cacti or succulents to prevent shrinking and withering. As a note for ALL plants, you should NEVER water any plant with “softened” water.

Hopefully these little hints and helpful information can help your interior cacti and succulents to last longer.

Till the next green idea!