Jack Frost Came to Arizona

Jack Frost Came to Arizona

Oh No Jack Frost Came to The Valley!!!!

What to do after the frost and to prevent any more damage:

DO NOT prune frost damaged, woody growth until the plant begins to grow in the spring. That dead woody stuff acts as a protecting against any further frosts. Also, the damage is often not nearly as bad as it initially looks; new growth may come out of tissue that you thought was dead. Only after new growth starts in the spring prune out dead out.

Keep plants well watered. Manage your water carefully, keeping the moisture level as even as possible.

Wrapping trunks of young citrus and other frost sensitive trees is a practical way of preventing serious frost damage to their vital stem area. Multiple layers of weather proof  paper or cloth provide good insulation against cold. Looser wrapping provides better insulation and should extend completely to the ground and at least up to the lower branches of limbs. The wrapping may be left on all winter (mid-November through mid- February). As the days get warmer though you may have to unwrap and re-wrap plants as the frosts come and go, depending on the area you live in.

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