Grab your coupon and save during the month of May!

Grab your coupon and save during the month of May!


May is here and so is the warm weather.  Keeping your landscape looking its best during our hot temperatures and monsoon season, just follow our Green Goddess Gardening 101 tips:

  • Make sure you fertilize your now sprouting Bermuda lawn
  • Watering should be done in the early morning or at dusk
  • As the temperatures grow hotter throughout the summer, water your plants and shrubs slowly and deeply.
  • Protect the trunks of newly planted trees from sunburn


With hundreds to choose from; the large variety of shapes, sizes and colors; you are guaranteed to find the perfect container to decorate your home or yard.
Our unique display of pots include:

  • Asian Ceramic pots
  • Talavera pots
  • Home Stone pots
  • Pacific Home and Garden pots
  • North Coast rustic garden pots

Come in and browse through our remarkable collection of containers.


How to prepare trees and shrubs for monsoon

Monsoon Season is June 15-September 30

  • Stake newly planted trees and plants to protect them from monsoon winds.
  • Heaviest storms occur during July and August. These heavy rains and high winds can put landscaping and trees at danger.  Staking young trees is very important, but older trees are at risk as well. Consulting a landscape specialist is a good idea to insure your older trees won’t be victims to the high winds.
  • Trees with canopies can also be in trouble and should be pruned to allow rain and wind to pass through easier.
  • Let one of Green Goddess’ landscape specialists inspect your property and make sure trees located near your home are stable. You don’t want to risk property damage!
  • If rain is constant over a period of time, turn off your automatic sprinklers.

With Mother’s Day this month; all of us at Green Goddess would like to wish “A Happy Mother’s Day” to all of our wonderful mothers.

Memorial Day is almost here and Father’s Day coming up in June, we have everything one could need to spruce up their yard. Whether it’s a fountain, concrete bench, brand new barbeque and the accessories for barbecuing, Green Goddess has it all.

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