Palm Trees in Arizona

Palm Trees in Arizona

Palm Trees are a fixture in the Phoenix area and due to our tropical like climate, they are easy to grow and maintain. Your Green Goddess specialist can help you with the selection of a Palm Tree. There are many varieties of palms from large to small. If you choose a larger palm we offer delivery and will plant it for you. Here are a few Palm Trees that are easy to grow and look great!

The Queen Palm is a beautiful addition to any area on your property. This palm can grow to a height of approximately 50 feet and has a trunk that is smooth and gray with leaf scars that are evenly placed and has a large canopy of feathery fronds at the top that are dark green in color.

The Queen Palm produces beautiful clusters of flowers that appear in the summer and in cooler months spectacular green fruit clusters appear that will turn bright orange and reach lengths of six feet. This single trunked palm is majestic in its appearance with the bright green pinnate leaves forming into a canopy. This quick growing palm can be purchased quite small and is easy to plant. It grows best in full sun with plenty of moisture and fertilizer as you initially plant it.

The True Date Palm has many aliases it is known by. The more familiar are Medjool Date, Date Palm, Medjool Date Palm, Phoenix Medjool Palm and the Jewel Palm.

The True Date Palm will grow to approximately 16” in diameter and has a single grayish color trunk and is the same size from top to bottom. The leaves of its trunk are diamond shape and continually overlap each other resembling a pineapple, giving it a very rough edge. As the tree ages the rough surface becomes smooth.

The True Date Palm Tree is a very hardy tree and can withstand colder temperatures. It is ideal for Arizona weather where winters can be a little colder in the wee hours of the morning. Its leaves or fronds number approximately 100-120 forming a graceful umbrella affect spreading about 30 feet wide. Its leaves are a blueish gray or greenish in color. Each frond or leaf looks like a feather and requires trimming so the nasty thorns don’t become a nuisance.

The True Date Palm grows a yellow or white flower depending on the sex of the tree. Male flowers are the white while the female’s flower is yellow. They grow on separate trees. The female tree will produce delicious edible dates that grow in clusters, but only if there is a male tree nearby. It takes approximately 8 years for the female to bear fruit. The dates are different colors from green to orange, red or brown depending on its variety.

These trees must be maintained as the dates will drop to the ground unless they are picked prior to ripening. They require full to partial sun with moderate water usage. They prefer moist soil that is well drained.

The True Date Palm is a beautiful addition to any home or business as it gives that magnificent tropical look.

The California Fan Palm is the largest palm grown in the United States. The California Fan Palm is widely used in the Southwest and is a very hardy and easy to grow palm.

Washingtonia Filifera, this palm’s genus was named in honor of George Washington. The California Fan Palm can reach heights of 60 feet with a massive trunk that is gray in color and ringed with old leaf scars. This distinctive palm can reach diameters as big as 3 feet and has many clusters of flowers that project downward from the leafy crown. Its flowers are white and yellow and will eventually give way to round red black fruit.

This palm as it grows to larger heights should be maintained by professionals, who are able to climb up the tree to remove old leaves and fronds.

Any questions about the planting or care for your Palm Tree can be answered by your Green Goddess experienced representative.