Phoenix Monsoon Season

Phoenix Monsoon Season

Protect your home garden and a great time to plant

With Monsoon season upon us, generally lasting from June 15th to September 30th, the Phoenix area may get a break from the high temperatures, but with monsoon weather you can expect thick humidity, lots of lightening, thunder, rain and wind as well as the occasional “haboob”; a thick sandstorm created by the dust and sand that exists in our desert area.

With the high winds and thunderous rain storms, it is impossible to protect all of your plants from the saturated soil they cause.

Monsoon season can also be a great time to plant and take advantage of the humidity in the air.

Some tips for plant protection during this unpredictable weather pattern:

  1. Tiny plants or plants that are extremely delicate should be covered to protect them from extremely heavy rain. Even a thin piece of glass secured with wire clip pegs and then tilted to allow rain water to run off will work.
  2. Veggie gardens should be protected from wind and heavy rain by placing mulch around them.
  3. When planting new trees or plants talk to your Green Goddess representative to make sure you use the right amount and type of soil and cultivate properly to protect them against severe weather.
  4. Don’t forget to prune trees or plants that are top heavy. They are more likely to experience problems during the monsoon season.

Not all is bad during monsoon season.  This is an ideal time for new planting with humidity and lower temperatures.  They help roots come to life and take hold.  If you are thinking of starting a terrace garden, adding new plants to an existing one or to just get going on that garden, you always wanted to plant; monsoon season can be a great time to get started.

Whether planting in your backyard or balcony, monsoon season can be a wonderful time of year for people who love gardening.  Plants grow and bloom faster in the rain along with the humidity.  The air acts as a stimulus for your plants.

Monsoon season is also a great time to grow indoor plants due to the humidity in the air:

  • Whether indoor or out, always watch for insects and weeds, humidity also helps these nasty’s to breed more. A very popular type of garden with the many apartments and condos in the Phoenix area is a “terrace garden”.  Monsoon season is the best time of year to start such a garden.  This type of garden consists of cultivating shrubs, grass or plants on a raised platform or terrace.  During the rainy season the soil sets better and plants grow faster.  Make sure the water flows down and that your terrace can support the weight of the soil.  A few more tips during the monsoon:
  • Sturdy monsoon plants are bulbs that grow and thrive easily at this time
  • Always check drainage system. Make sure there is no stagnant water.
  • Spread mulch around plants where water may build.
  • Shelter small plants
  • If possible, do not water during monsoon season
  • Apply pesticides after fresh shoots appear to protect against insects that thrive on new and moist growth.

Monsoon season can be a wonderful time to plant, but caution should be used to make sure your garden stays safe and secure.