Planting Season Is Here!

Planting Season Is Here!

It’s that time of year again, planting season!  Here are a few tips to help with what is the best time to plant of few of your favorite vegetables and when it is best to harvest them:

  • Beans –   Delicious green beans should be sowed outdoors during the months of March and April and again in September.  The Phoenix area can have two growing seasons do to our wonderful weather.  The best time to harvest would be May and June or November.  This showing its growing season is only 2 months.
  • Carrots – A favorite of most kids and adults should be sown outdoors in February and March and again in late September and October. Harvest time is late April and early May and again late November, December and early January.
  • Cucumbers – These can be sown indoors in late February and then planted outside in early March. They can also be planted outside in early September.  Harvest time rolls around during mid-May and early June.  Your September crop is ready to eat in early November.
  • Lettuce – This vegetable is a bit more complicated. It can be sowed indoors in January and February and also in late September and early October and then the latter part of December.  It then needs to be transplanted outside during February, and early March and October.  You will get to enjoy your tasty product in March and April and then again in late October, November and early December.
  • Pumpkins – can be sowed inside in early March or sown outside late March, April, May and June. These are ready to harvest June through early December.  You will be able to enjoy and have fun with your very own home grown pumpkin for Halloween!
  • Tomatoes – Tomatoes can be planted inside in January and early August. It is time to replant outside in March and early September.  Harvest time would be late May, June and early July and then late November.

I hope this information from the folks at Green Goddess helps with your vegetable garden plantings.

Recipe of the Month

At Green Goddess we not only carry the finest grills on the market today, but 1000’s of bar-b-que accessories to add to your grilling pleasure.

So let’s get ready to bar-b-que!

How to Cook a whole Chicken

  1. Light the grill. You want it low and slow and want it no hotter than 200 degrees
  2. Put the heat defector in it to evenly cook the chicken
  3. Gather all of your ingredients:
    1. Whole chicken
    2. Bottle of beer (brand does not matter)
    3. Seasoning (Apple jerk, apple rub and butt rub)
    4. Apple juice
    5. Chicken stand
    6. Olive oil
  4. Rub the  chicken with the seasoning and olive oil until well coated
  5. Fill the chicken stand with the beer and apple juice
  6. Place the chicken on the stand, bottom end down
  7. Place chicken on the bar-b-que. Insert the thermometer into the chicken and close the lid to the grill
    1. It will take several hours to cook the chicken
    2. Cook the chicken until it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees
  8. Remove the chicken and let it stand for 10-15 minutes before cutting.

Did You Know?

  • For vegetables find areas with 6-8 hours of sunlight
  • Location-location-location; applies to any garden. Check which areas are best for the vegetables you have chosen to grow
  • Water – vegetables should be watered to one (1) foot deep
  • Your Green Goddess specialist is available to assist with any of your gardening questions