Plants for the Holidays & Free Downloads!

Plants for the Holidays & Free Downloads!

If you’re looking for a surefire (and budget-friendly) way to spruce up your living space this holiday season, then plants are the way to go.

There is an immense selection of holiday plants that will help you add to the holiday cheer this season. Plants have an amazing and amazingly effortless way of enlivening our indoor spaces — even those winter days that are shorter and colder. Best of all, your holiday plants don’t have to go into storage or get crammed up in the attic with all those other holiday decorations that gather dust in the summer and spring.

Below, The Green Goddess goes over a few seasonal plant selections that will enhance your living space and make your holiday season more memorable.

It’s Time for Some Pine

Pine might be one of the most popular conifers during the holiday season. These amazing trees that can grow up to 200 feet tall in accommodating outdoor conditions tend to serve as amazing indoor foliage plants when placed in cooler climates than the south Pacific. You can even decorate yours to look like small Christmas trees — you can place several trees in one pot, which makes it optimum for smaller indoor spaces.

Pine does best in direct sunlight — place yours near an unshaded, south-facing window. Make sure to water when the upper layer of soil becomes dry. If you take good care of that tiny Christmas tree this year and into perpetuity, these trees can grow up to 5-8 feet tall when indoors.

We Are Suckers for Succulents

Succulent and cacti represent some of the most low-maintenance indoor and outdoor plants available. There are even cacti named directly after certain holidays, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter cacti.

Each of these cacti is sold in bloom near their respective holidays here in the United States. They make excellent home additions as well as clever gifts to give to loved ones. Three separate species from the Schlumbergera genus carry these holiday-themed names. You will likely end up purchasing a hybrid of these closely related plants. Invest in thornless cacti if you’re worried about your younger relatives pricking their fingers.

Cacti and succulents tend to thrive in well-draining potting. They only need water when the upper layer of potting dries out. Make sure not to over-water these little holiday gems and avoid giving them direct sunlight.

Additional Holiday Mainstays

Poinsettias, cyclamen, and fresh wreaths will also add a little holiday cheer to your home in an instant. If you’re looking for amazing outdoor holiday plant decorations, fresh evergreen and evergreen boughs make a great selection.

Need advice about how to care for your existing plants? Looking to revamp your indoor space in the Phoenix, AZ area? Contact The Green Goddess today. We are open during the holiday season and can help with all your plant and gardening needs.

Fun Free Downloads

Our friends at Botanical Interests have some great downloads for you during this holiday season.