Sittin’ Chicken

Sittin’ Chicken

Whole chickens are one of the easiest and best slow cooks you can do on a Kamado cooker. Using a Sitting Chicken Stand will make them turn out moist and juicy every time ( a sitting chicken stand is ceramic and it will hold liquid under the chicken).

Season your chicken with your favorite rub, I recommend Butt Rub or Apple Rub from John Henry. To season;do a wet rub by mixing olive oil with your rub of choice. Be sure to rub inside and out of the chicken (including under the skin). Next fill your sitting chicken stand with the liquid of your choice ( I used beer with one and apple juice with the other chicken). Then stand your chicken on the sitting chicken stands and let them set for 1/2-1 hour in the fridge to let the seasoning soak in. while they are resting in the fridge, fire up your grill. The goal is to cook the chickens around 225 degrees until done. I placed my soaked wood chunks around the coals and lit the middle of the charcoal, then I placed my heat deflector plates and grill grates back and only opened the top and bottom vents about 1/2 way. Once I was at 200 degrees I closed my vents down to a “just cracked” position and placed my chickens in to cook. At about 10 minutes after ptting the chickens in the grill was up to about 225 degrees. Thats was the goal and I kept it there for the whole cook. Two whole chickens took about 4 hours. Once I reached a safe cooked tempurature of 185 degrees I pulled them both off and let them sit for about 15 minutes before carving and serving.

Recommended products for the cook:

Butt Rub

Apple Rub John Henry

Sitting Chicken Stand

Heat Deflector/Plate setter

Apple Flavored wood smoking chunks


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