Some holiday plant tips

Some holiday plant tips


Christmas Cactus or Holiday Cactus

  • Keep in a bright window area away from strong heat such as stoves and air vents
  • Keep slightly moist do not allow dry out when in flower. A note of caution this cactus can be easily over watered.  Once a week is just fine for watering  

Bromeliad Plant

  • Keep in a warm bright windowsill that is not in direct sunlight early morning or late afternoon is OK.  
  • Keep slightly moist and use tap water. You can put some water in the pitcher area.  Watering once a week is OK as long as the plant does not get to wet so make sure you check it before you water.


  • Keep in a sunny spot to keep them looking bright and healthy. 
  • Plants should be kept away from strong heat and draft.
  • Allow the plant to dry out slightly to one-third of the way down before watering,  

Have a Wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving

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