Spring Fertilizer Checklist

Spring Fertilizer Checklist

Growing season is April through September

Check each plant for these criteria :

  1. How long have you had the plant?
  2. What type of light and water does it receive?
  3. Is the plant in good health?


Newly purchased plants, stressed or sick plants, plants that have timed release fertilizer in their soil, or plants with any type of insect problem.


  • Once per year for plants in low light; two to three applications per season for plants in medium light; three to four applications per season for plants in high light.
  • Apply at the beginning of the growing season
  •  Approx late March to April is the start of the growing season
  • Following the directions on the label of the fertilizer you purchases
  • Keeping in mind the information listed above ,the fertilizer will help improve and replenish the soil.
  • With this in mind a little fertilizer will go a long way to letting you enjoy a healthy and happy plant.

Make sure when you are purchasing a ferilizer, you take in to consideration the types of plants you will be using it on. Indoor plants take different fertilizer than outdoor plants. Flowering plants and citurs have different needs then palms and cacti. So read the labels or ask your garden experts for some advice.

~Til Next Time Keep Blooming!

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