Taking Care of Plants in Hot Weather

Taking Care of Plants in Hot Weather

Plant care in Phoenix involves several considerations. A dry climate makes it difficult to maintain soil moisture and other irrigation issues.  Chilly winter mornings often require exterior plants to be brought indoors or covered. Meanwhile, indoor plants need special attention to ensure adequate sunlight during the shorter days.

However, the biggest factor affecting Phoenix plant and tree care is the scorching heat. Your nursery plants will cope with hot weather in different ways. By understanding symptoms and solutions to heat stress in plants, you can ensure the health of your foliage throughout the year.

Know How Each of Your Plants Copes with Heat:

The makeup of your foliage and garden design determines how much summer plant care is needed. Certain plant leaves are able to conserve water, which reduces the impact of hot weather.

Succulent garden designs in Phoenix are well suited for the arid climate. Those who prefer an easy way to manage weather changes should work with a local nursery to choose the best succulent plants for their needs.  For sustainable gardening, the offshoots and dead stems from some succulents can be repotted for new plant growth.

Unfortunately, most plants and trees need added attention to endure summer temps. Here are some signs that your home garden and trees have water loss:

Wilting– Leaves and stems that droop indicate excess loss of water. It is important to quickly address wilting in plants. Yellow leaves will also indicate poor plant health from wilting. 

Wilted plants will eventually dry out to a crunchy texture and then die.  Even native desert species need regular watering and it is vital to all plants in Phoenix during the summer. The plants bought in the nurseries have been watered and cared for regularly so they are not used the droughts in phoenix during the summer months.

Dropping Leaves– Leaf dropping, from trees in particular, will signal water loss. Much of this is a survival mechanism that sheds leaves to conserve scarce water supply. Leafy vegetable plants are also prone to heat inflicted damage. 

Vegetable gardens with tomatoes, beans and squash must be paid close attention during summer in the Phoenix area. A regular schedule to check soil moisture is essential.


Weather changes can wreak havoc on plants in any climate. With proper attention and detail, your plants can continue to thrive. Please contact a nursery professional at The Green Goddess for added insight.