Tips for Fertilizing Plants and Trees in Phoenix

Tips for Fertilizing Plants and Trees in Phoenix

Fertilizing plants in Phoenix has common benefits but unique challenges compared to other parts of the country. Our arid climate requires special care for different plant species to thrive. This includes when and how to apply certain fertilizers to what plants. The season, plant food and level of water are also factors to consider.

While this may be seem complicated, our Phoenix nursery has advised clients on simple steps to fertilize interior and exterior plants since 1977. The Valley is also home to various tree species that require fertile soil to grow. As a solution, our staff will recommend tips to fertilize citrus trees and evergreens as well.

Here is an easy to follow guide on how to fertilize your plants through the year in Phoenix:

Flowering Shrubs (Roses and Lilacs):

These plants add aromatic scents and vibrant color to your yard. For the best results, use tree and shrub food on a monthly basis, with the exception of December and January.

Tip: Make sure to inspect flowering shrubbery for insects that can undo your months of hard work! Add mulch in the late spring months of March and April to ensure your roses will be ready for summer. Consider pruning your roses from January to mid February in advance of applying mulch.

Citrus Trees and other Fruit Bearing Species:

Phoenix is a haven for citrus trees, which add beauty to any yard. Along with stone fruit trees; you can find this species in yards from Scottsdale to Glendale. Turn to citrus tree food in the late winter and early spring months for year round results. You may also consider general tree and shrub food as a cost effective alternative. Starting in February, apply the food and check for signs of tree health, such as bark and root condition.

Tips: Trees benefit from iron, manganese and other trace elements. Have more questions about citrus tree care? Ask our staff for even more advice.

Perennial and Annual Plants:

Annuals provide many benefits despite a short life span. Your garden will have a myriad of colors and gorgeous accents that stand out from the herd. Perennials infuse lovely colors and charm to your yard for a longer period of time.

Whatever the mix of this pair in your yard, apply a water soluble fertilizer on a monthly basis. The sensitive nature of these flowers requires more diligence and regular application is essential.

Tip: You must also prepare the soil before planting new flowers. This includes mulch and other elements. Our nursery staff offers start to finish support to ensure your annuals and perennials get off to a great start.

Hedges & Shrubs:

Shrubs and hedges outline plants or other yard accessories for a wonderful design. Unfortunately, shrubbery is often overlooked in terms of fertilizing. To keep your hedges in peak condition, add tree and shrub food in February, May and then again in September. This minimal upkeep is all that’s needed to provide lasting results.

Tip: Apply mulch and soil sulfur for even better results. The summer months of May through September and Fall months of October to November are ideal times.


Your yard forms a first impression on guests and enhances overall home design. Put your best foot forward with these plant fertilizing tips. Questions? Please contact us or come by our plant nursery in Phoenix at 4139 E. Bell Road.