Tips for Purchasing Plants

Tips for Purchasing Plants

When ever I go to any store that sells house plants, people tend to look at me crazy because I am inspecting the plants. But I just want to make sure that if I am going to purchase a plant that it is a HEALTHY one. Here are the things that I look for:

  •  Nice and Brightly colored foliage throughout the plant
  • a stem/stalk that is firm to the touch and not soft or squishy
  • Clean Leaves, make sure there is no webbing underneath the leaves or on the plant (this is a sign of red spider mites which can only be seen with a magnifying glass)another trick is to feel the underside of the leaf if it feels gritty it might have spider mites.


  • Another pest to look for is mealy bugs these guys tend to hang out underneath the leaves or where new growth is coming through. They look like a tiny piece of cotton stuck to the plant.


  • Gnats are another pest that you want to check for by stirring the soil or jiggling the plant a little and if little black bugs come flying out then it has them.

 When you are going to purchase a plant you will want to find one that is healthy and has all the chances of survival in your home or office environment without bringing new pests into your house/office. Also, you do not want to bring a plant home that may die due to these pests. Plants add so much to your home or office and you do not want to have to buy a new one because the first one you bought was on sale and had bugs.  Its a pesky thing to do but thoroughly checking the greenery over for pests can help prolong the life of your plant.

If you have any questions or other things to check for on plants please feel free to leave a comment for me. We love to get your feedback. Also remember you can “like” us on Facebook and check out our website for further ideas.

Till next time …Keep Growing!

~GG Plant Guru

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