To Prune or Not to Prune?

To Prune or Not to Prune?

…That is the question

Pruning keeps plants in a desired shape and removes diseased or unsightly branches. Pruning allows you to remove excessive over-long or misshapen branches, it will also open up the canopy to allow light to penetrate.  Pruning promotes plant health, repairs and rejuvenated a plant  

General rule of thumb as to when to prune is just at the beginning of the growing season March, or April depending on the weather.  Keep an eye on the plants you want to prune if you start seeing new growth that is the time to do your pruning.

Pruning Process

Remove all dead and damaged branched.  Cut them off cleanly at the branch collars.  This makes a huge difference.  There is no messy sap with this step because you are removing dead wood

Make clean cuts; Pay attention to where you cut stems.  Any length of stem left above a node will become a dead stub and this is a place where disease can enter the plant.  Make your cut ¼” above the node.  Make your cut at an angle, with the cut sloping down slightly following the natural branch collar.  Also, trim off any sucker growth or branches growing below the main stem branch.

With proper maintenance and pruning, plants will remain healthy,  age gracefully, and retain its fullness.

~ Keep Growing!