Vegetables that Can Grow in Arizona Heat

Vegetables that Can Grow in Arizona Heat

In a place like Arizona, having a lush vegetable garden might be easier said than done. However, certain types of vegetables will fare better in the region than others.

Below, The Green Goddess goes over a few varieties of veggies that can grow in Arizona weather. Together, we’ll help you craft the yard/garden of your dreams.

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are an excellent choice for your Arizona garden and all colors can be grown in the region. Bell peppers do not mind the hot weather or the brutal sun – as a matter of fact, your bell peppers will thrive in such conditions. 

Pro Tip: to avoid sun-scald on your peppers, remove the first two or three flowers when the plant is a baby to direct energy into leaf production.


Tomatoes are a versatile vegetable and happen to love the heat as well as the sun. However, extremely hot temperatures can inhibit these plants from forming their fruit. In such scenarios, it may prove helpful to create a shady area for your tomatoes to grow.

Another measure you can take is waiting until the hot temperatures cool off. Phoenix and southern AZ gardeners tend to plant their tomatoes early in the year, which is why they tend to harvest earlier than gardeners in other regions of the United States.


If you’re looking for a vegetable that is easy to grow and pays off big in the kitchen, eggplants might be right up your alley. Eggplants love the sun, heat, and warm temperatures. However, just as with bell peppers and tomatoes, sunscald is a possibility. The best way to combat sun-scald is to allow the plant to fully leaf out before allowing the eggplants to mature.

Green Beans

Green beans are another kitchen staple that performs well in the Arizona sun and heat. You can find seeds that grow well in the heat to help ensure you get a good crop.

If you’re planting green beans and dry beans, make sure to plant them in a different section of your garden – it’s important to be able to differentiate come harvest time.


Okra is an underrated vegetable that packs a big punch health-wise. Okra is a plant that will absolutely thrive in the Arizona heat. Another benefit that comes along with growing okra is that this plant has very little pest and disease pressure to have to deal with.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are another heat-loving crop that will find a great home in Arizona. Sweet potatoes tend to perform very well in sunny climates as they are heat-loving by nature. Sweet potatoes are derived from wild plants native to tropical regions of the globe. 

Sweet potato greens are also edible, which provides you with a good hot-weather green, which can be cooked just like spinach.

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