Water, water everywhere…

Water, water everywhere…

The tricky part about maintaining tropical plants is also the most important part in keeping them alive. How much water do they need? Every plants needs are different depending on the soil type, pot size and environment it is in.

Here are some general tips to help you determine how much water to give your houseplants.

  1. With cooler weather comes less water. Especially if the plant’s only light source is a near by window.
  2. The soil media the plant is grown in matters. If the soil is sandy or has lava rocks, the water will have better drainage and need more water. If the soil is more mossy it tends to hold moisture longer and will need water less often.
  3. The plant’s root system is another factor in how much water it needs. Generally, the bigger the roots are the more water the plant will take. Plants with smaller root systems need less water.
  4. Plants placed under an air vent will dry out faster than normal and may need to be watered more often.
  5. The age of a plant effects the amount of water required. If you have a plant in low light , the older the plant gets, the less water it needs. If the plant is in high light, the plant will need more water as it grows.
  6. If you have moss or rocks on top of the soil, moisture tends to be retained in the soil therefore requiring less water.
  7. Most plants do not want to be sitting in water for an extended period of time. Their roots will not get the oxygen they need and will die. This causes root rot. Before you water, if yoou can, lift he plant up; if the plant feels heavy, it most likely will not need water. If the plant is heavy to lift feel the soil as far down as you can. You may want to use a moisture meter or a soil probe to do this. If the soil is wet hold off on watering until teh soil is no longer wet. If the soil is dry water the plant slowly. Water will drain out quicker the drier the soil.

 So keep these watering tips in mind the next time you go to water your plants.

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