Welcome to Barbequing

Welcome to Barbequing

Welcome to our BBQ Blog we are going to be discussing all things BBQ from functionality of our products to cooking guides and suggestions. As resident BBQ Guru here at The Green Goddess I am very excited to discuss with and take part in Kamado style cooking with you. Let me start off by giving you the run down on the fine Kamado style cookers offered here at The Green Goddess:

We are a distributor for The Big Green Egg  Green EggKamado Joe  Kamado Joe,    and Primo BBQ Primo.

All three brands are lump charcoal bbq’s/smokers with a twist. They are all made out of high quality ceramic and can hold steady heat for low and slow cooking for long periods of time using very little charcoal. They can also get fired up to very high temperatures for searing and short cooks. No matter how you want to use these products the food you eat will taste amazing off these grills.

The temperature on a ceramic cooker is controlled by the amount of air flow allowed to flow from the bottom vent Bottom Vent through the top vent  Top vent. For low and slow cooking the vents are barely open, for the hot shorts cooks they are wide open. When the vents are open all the way the temperature on the grill will be able to heat up to 700- 800 degrees. This will sear flavor on steaks, chicken and burgers; keeping them juicy and full of flavor. When the vents are closed for low temperature cooking the cooker will be able to hold 200-300 degrees without constant attention and worries. This makes cooking a slow pork shoulder or brisket an easy enjoyable experience.  After you become accustomed to using these grills you learn where your vents need to be to hold the specific temperature you want.

There are many accessories and tools available for all of our cookers. The most common and necessary one will be your Heat Deflector   The Green Egg Deflector. These can vary from product to product, but the concept is the deflector puts a piece of clay between the charcoal and your cooking surface. This is needed to cook your food without charring the outside. It is called indirect cooking and is used mainly on the low and slow cooks. The heat and air moves around your food to create evenly cooked meats without burning the outside.

These grills can be used to grill, smoke, roast or bake. They are extremely versitile, lots of fun and once you taste the food off one you will never go back to your gas or propane grill again. Charcoal, smoking woods and spices are all things we also carry. So please come down to see us to discuss our full line of ceramic cookers and check back to this blog often for the latest and hopefully greatest recipes and information.

~Double A BBQ Guy

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