When I was hired at The Green Goddess, I had an appreciation for all plants. Over the years, as I have learned more and more about plants. It is safe to say that my appreciation has become a passion (bordering on the edge of a sickness). That’s why I love my job so much! As the trainer/manager of the interior foliage maintenance department, I get to pass my passion onto other plant enthusiast. That is what my goal is for doing this blog.

Now, since you are reading this I am assuming that you must have have some sort of appreciation for plants, but specifically this blog is going to be about interior plants, commonly called “houseplants“. All house plants are different and have different needs. The same type of plant in two different rooms of a house could have different needs, depending on their surrounding environment. So my goal is to help you choose the right houseplant for you and your home or work space.

Why do you need houseplants? Besides health benefits, a room is just not complete until there is some sort of foliage or flower placed in a corner or on a coffee table. Plants just tie the room together by giving it that special added touch. It must have to do with bringing a bit of nature indoors. They make the room livable and breathable; and I mean that literally.

Houseplants are amazing because they clean the air in your home! It is unfortunate how many toxins we bring into our homes by using common household furnishings. By placing a plant or two in each room the air you breath is cleaner. Plants have also been known to reduce blood pressure. You can find many different places to put a little green in your life whether it be a small plant or a large tree in your home or office space, but just image how much better they can make you feel.

Till’ next time…Keep Growing!

~GG Plant Guru

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