What we can do for YOU!

What we can do for YOU!


The Green Goddess offers a variety of services to assist you the customer with what is needed to enhance you living or work space indoors and out.

We have a guarantee interior foliage maintenance program that allows you to enjoy your interior plants year round without having to worry if you are taking care of them correctly…cause thats our job!

The program is set up with a trained technician that comes in once a week and services the plants. This includes watering, cleaning, fertilizing, trimming and insect control if there are any on the plants.As long as the program is continued any plant that needs to be replaced is done at no cost to you (the customer) on the guarantee program.

Feel free to contact the maintenance department at any time with questions or issues you may have concerning the program 602-971-8110 ext 3.

This is just one more way The Green Goddess can assist you in any of your plant(s) needs.