Where Has ALL the Soil Gone?

Where Has ALL the Soil Gone?

When a plant ages, so does the soil, its composition changes and compression of the soil in the grow pot breaks down.  This reduces the amount of soil in the grow pot it just literally disappears.

Plants are always giving us signs, trying to tell us what is wrong. To recognize that a plant is in need of fresh soil look closely for these signs:

  • The top soil has reduce down at least 2” or more
  • Crown of the plant is pushing out of the soil mass
  • There are roots circling in the saucer
  • Leaf & stem growth is very slow even when the plant is fed regularly in spring and summer
  • Soil dries out quickly so frequent watering is required and the plant always looks tired and droopy
  • Water runs very quickly through the soil to the saucer
  • The plant seems to lean and feel loose in the pot

To help a plant that meets some of these issues first gently aerate the root ball with a soil probe or similar tool. Loosen up the existing soil as best you can then add fresh new soil pack it down lightly to fill in any air pockets.

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