Winter Gardening Tips 2017

Winter Gardening Tips 2017

With the holiday season upon us and colder weather coming, here are a few tips to protect and keep your plants safe during these cooler months.

  • Frost can hit our valley anytime from around December 12 to February 7th. Protecting plants in the Phoenix and surrounding areas can be tricky because we never know when it may come. Choosing plants that can tolerate frost or colder weather is always a good idea.  Using frost cloths or paper is a great way to protect your plants.  Green Goddess carries these frost cloths. Make sure the top of the plant is covered by the frost cloths to keep heat and humidity in.No level of care can totally protect plants from frost.  Keeping plants hydrated with an even distribution of water in your garden is also important to the health of your plants. Soil should be dry, loose and covered with mulch to help retain heat.
  • Remember the plants that can be hurt by colder weather and most at risk are your tropical plants. Plants and trees such a Bird of Paradise, Bougainvillea, young citrus trees, Hibiscus and Lantana are the most susceptible.  You should monitor all plants in your garden and check for any drastic changes in cooler months.
  • Incandescent lighting pointed directly at the trees can help create heat that will keep frost from forming.

7th Annual Raffle Fundraiser & Holiday Open House Recap!

Thank you to everyone who supported our 7th Annual Raffle for the McKenzie Monks Foundation. We raised over $2,400.00 dollars for donation. Below are holiday event photos!

Planting Veggies for 2018

For vegetables the Phoenix area generally has two planting seasons.  Warm season or cool season crops.  Cool season plants are hardier and can tolerate frost better.  A few cool season veggies include:

  • Lettuce
  • Peas
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Beets

Most cool season plants should be planted no later than September.  Warm weather vegetables should be planted in February or March.

It is still not too late to plant, consulting your Green Goddess specialist as to which vegetables can do best at this time would greatly assist your choice of plants.

Holiday Decorating Ideas

Our trees and plants are ideal for any holiday lights.  Lights can be used to bring our shrubs and trees to life!  Twinkle lights and various colors are always an added plus.

Outdoor plants and pots can be decorated in numerous ways to create a joyous and festive sight.  Decorating with ornaments and or tinsel is always a fun look.  Why not wrap your pots to look like gifts?  Let your imagination run wild!

We carry a huge assortment of holiday containers, along with fountains and statues which by adding a few decorative touches can enhance your front or backyard.

Have a healthy and happy holidays!!

Green Goddess