Arizona summer landscaping

Arizona summer landscaping

High heat information for hot summer areas

With the arrival of summer as well as its heat, the rules of gardening need to change. Some plants, like succulents do well in the heat because of their ability to store water. Aloe Vera is an example of a succulent plant.

The effects of heat on plants can be recognized by drooping or withering leaves as well as leaves dropping off.

Vegetable plants may have trouble producing. Hot temperatures will affect plants such as cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, beans and may cause their blossoms to drop.

Care for plants in hot weather, no matter if they are outside or inside is simple. The number one rule is to water and additional watering is usually required. Container plants should be watered thoroughly, until you can see water coming out from the drainage holes. Additional protection from the heat can include mulching to help plants retain water and shade covers can also be effective.

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Did You Know?

How to plant your summer color!

When planting flowers in a container or pot you should fill approximately 2/3 of the area with soil.  Begin adding flowers; the tallest in the middle or back like Pentas (this has a beautiful star shaped flower).  Shorter flowers come next, like Vincas, also known as Periwinkle. They can grow in full sun or shade and will adapt well to hot weather. Hanging flowers can be placed along the edge. Potato vines are perfect for this!

Add additional soil to fill in gaps or holes.  Put a little fertilizer on top. Be sure to read instructions on the label or ask any Green Goddess representative. Water and watch your creation grow.

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Taking Care of Plants in Hot Weather:

Plant care in Phoenix involves several considerations. A dry climate makes it difficult to maintain soil moisture and other irrigation issues.  Chilly winter mornings often require exterior plants to be brought indoors or covered. Meanwhile, indoor plants need special attention to ensure adequate sunlight during the shorter days.

However, the biggest factor affecting Phoenix plant and tree care is the scorching heat. Your nursery plants will cope with hot weather in different ways. By understanding symptoms and solutions to heat stress in plants, you can ensure the health of your foliage throughout the year.

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